Propecia against hair loss

Propecia: hair loss is no longer a problem

According to statistics, anti-baldness drugs take the second place among “medications for men”; only drugs for erectile dysfunction are behind. The most popular drug of this group is Propecia.

The active ingredient of Propecia is Finasteride, which blocks the release of dihydrotestosterone hormone. The clinical trials have proved that namely dihydrotestosterone provokes the death of hair follicles, weakening and loss of hair and also increases the risk of prostate disease. Initially developed for treatment of adenoma and prostate cancer, Finasteride became the basis for multiple anti-baldness drugs, such as: Propecia, Finpecia, Proscar and others.


Propecia is usually appointed for the treatment of hair loss, caused by an excess of dihydrotestosterone (androgenic alopecia).

Pharmaceutical form

Propecia is on sale in form of film-coated oral tablets, in dose of 1 mg.

Proper intake of Propecia

Propecia is effective in daily intake. The standard dosage is Propecia 1 mg (which is 1 pill). You may take Propecia at any time of the day.

Maximal average dose for Propecia is 1 mg respectively. In case of missing a dose, do not double the dose in order to avoid side effects of the drug.

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