Propecia is a solution of hair loss problem

Men suffer from hair loss several times more often than women. With age, the amount of hair only decreases. It is associated with increased hormone dihydrotestosterone level, which is formed from testosterone – is the main male sex hormone. Dihydrotestosterone contributes to the dystrophic changes in hair follicles that lead to hair loss. In addition, an increased dihydrotestosterone level in the blood leads to the risk of prostate diseases.

Propecia is a drug, created on a basis of the substance Finasteride. Finasteride blocks the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Due to this, dihydrotestosterone gradually ceases to affect the male organism.

Finasteride is contained in many medicines for the treatment of prostate diseases and androgenic alopecia. These are: Propecia, Finpecia, Proscarand and a lot of other medications, based on Finasteride.

Pharmaceutical form of Propecia

Film-coated tablets, containing 1 mg of Finasteride.

Indications to Propecia admission

The drug Propecia is indicated for the treatment of alopecia, caused by the excess of androgens. In other forms of alopecia, the medication is ineffective.

Propecia dosage

For the treatment of hair loss, it is necessary to take 1 mg of Propecia daily. The daily dose is taken regardless of food. Duration of treatment depends on an effectiveness of the drug and the rate of hair restoration. As a rule, a complete treatment of hair loss with Propecia takes several months of regular admission.

The maximum dosage of Propecia is 1 mg a day. It is strictly forbidden to exceed this dose.

Buy Propecia online

You can buy Propecia online, without visiting a doctor. Online pharmacy does not require the presentation of prescriptions or other medical documentation. Before to buy Propecia online without a prescription, it is possible to consult a pharmacist.

The purchase of Propecia onlineallows to save quite a large sum of money, since at online pharmacy the price for Propecia is several times cheaper than at ordinary one. In addition, the buying of Propecia in large quantities also reduces the cost of each tablet.

To buy Propecia online means to get rid of alopecia quickly and for long.